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Our Focus

Personalized Genomics

The cost of sequencing a genome is dropping rapidly, due to new, faster and cheaper DNA sequencing technologies, like next generation sequencing (NGS). NGS opens up new opportunities for personal genomics and allows to implement truly predictive and medicine as well as new forms of diagnostics.


Diagnomics is taking high-throughput computation and bioinformatics seriously. We are constantly upgrading our server farm and software suite to enable cutting-edge bioinformatics for state-of-the-art genome analysis. We house our own infrastructure at a world-class data center.

Personalized Medicine

Personalized Medicine is the main concept of the ongoing next generation health care revolution. It allows the analysis of a patient's unique genetic setup, leading to clinical outcome preditions for various diseases.

Genome Center

We are expanding our genome center concept worldwide. The first genome center was established in Inchon, Korea, in 2013, and is a joint venture with EONE, the largest Reference Laboratory in Korea. The EONE Diagnomics Genome Center (EDGC) is the first "Clinical" Genome Center, and a pioneer in bringing genomics to the clinic.


Diagnomics' proprietary Digital Genomic Fingerprinting (DGF) technology has been developed to detect "unique" genomic pattern even in challenging clinical samples. DGF can be applied to a small amount of blood collected non-invasively and yields a precise "molecular fingerprint" for a wide variety of prenatal conditions, diseases and cancer.


Technology convergence is a main stream effort for next generation healthcare and requires the integration of biotechnology, information technology and nanotechnology. Diagnomics makes a serious effort to bring expertise in all these sectors together to enable true progress towards personalized healthcare.