Drug development on a quantum computer

D-Wave Systems, Inc. of Vancouver, British Columbia, offers the first Quantum Computer on the market (D-wave One). D-Wave One is a high performance computing system designed for industrial problems encountered by Fortune 500 companies, governments and academia. Currently, a superconducting 2,000-qubit processor is housed inside a cryogenics unit within a 10 square meter shielded room.

Diagnomics with its partner company, DNA-SEQ, offer an approach that is unique in the field of cancer genomics today. In addition to offering testing of the full functional genome, DNA SEQ will use the Patient Annotation™ tool of Diagnomics, Inc. and analytics of crystallographic experts to supply to patients and their physicians both detailed analysis of the mutated genes causing the patient’s cancer and possible drug therapies that may prove effective in combatting the cancer for the patient’s oncologist to consider and potentially prescribe.

In addition to bringing the specialized skillset of crystallography to bear, DNA SEQ has contracted with D-wave to utilize D-Wave’s unique quantum computing capabilities in a joint research collaboration effort to significantly speed up the process of identifying effective protein kinase inhibitor molecules to cause the cessation of the rapid division of cells caused by cancerous mutations. Moreover, DNA SEQ will harness D-Wave’s quantum computing power to rapidly identify new small molecules to fight the relapse of cancer once initial first-in-line drugs begin to fail—which is a demonstrated phenomenon.

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